Archeology – Agriculture

Solutions in      Mining        Agriculture        Archeology

Geophysical Studies.
  Residual moisture of the subsoil.
    Agricultural, environmental planning.
      Detection of deposits.
        Non-invasive studies in constructions.
          Location of burials and structures.
            Consultancy and Advice in the field of Archeology and Heritage.
               Environmental impact studies.
                  Elaboration / Update of Archaeological Letters.

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Georadar and Perfilómetro detecting hidden structures.
Data representation + interpretation = results
Aerial thermography detecting geomorphological structures for agriculture.
Mare de Déu de la Serra
Georadar on alabaster
TIR 085. Jarama Position 1.- Height 100m. Orientation E-O. Oblique -15º Evident thermal contrast, detection of thermographically differentiated areas by different geomorphological structure of the subsoil and residual moisture due to the existence of battle trenches.
Study in extensive agricultural plantation affected by high degree of conductivity by outcropping of saline concentrations, marked by the red circles.
Collaboration in the location of the mortal remains of Cervantes.