What is Geofase?

It is a method of geophysical detection, which applies non-destructive, rapid and georeferenced methods for the study and identification of infrastructures and archaeological structures of the subsoil.


· Preliminary study of reservoirs.         · Location of underground infrastructures.

· Positioning of probes from previous knowledge of possible existing structures.

· Determination of limits and contacts between zones or lands of different physical characteristics. (Oquedades, Landfills, etc …)

· Disposal of inert archaeological areas         · Detection of metallic elements.

· Economy in means and time in the execution of excavations.

· Perform prior archaeological study, if required, before undertaking the work.

· Determination of the spatial extent of a structure.       · Civil Works Planning.

The application of this method allows obtaining relevant archaeological information, reliable and non-aggressive and in civil works projects facilitates the localization of elements, delimitation of zones and detection of underground infrastructures. The GEOFASE method is multifrequency, it is possible to work with several broadband frequencies (range 275Hz to 48KHz), allowing the subsoil to be studied at various depths simultaneously (from 0’00 to 40’00 meters).

What is Geofase?

Proactive strategic planning