We apply new approaches and information technologies in the field of museums, with the main objective of improving the transmission of knowledge.

We provide tailored solutions within the reach of any cultural facility.

We specialize in immersive museography, creation of interactive elements, expansion of potential public, universal accessibility measures, among others.

Our team is in charge of the conceptualization, design and production of museological plans, museographic projects and the enhancement of monuments, buildings and historical-archaeological sites.

Comprehensive renovation of museums.

Creation of temporary exhibitions.

Design of dissemination and didactic activities.

· Castell de Falset Museu Comarcal  Castell Falset Museu Comarcal

listen to the sound of the rooms:   Castell de Falset

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·CICBeM Centro de Interpretación     Centro Interpret. Cerro Berrueco


Museo Municipal de Algeciras

·Museo de los Descubrimientos de Belmonte

·Museo Municipal de Pinhel

·Museo de la Seda y del Território de Freixo de Espada à Cinta

·Museo del Fuego y de la Resina, en Vila de Rei

·Museo José Manuel Soares

      Heritage Education

Film finalista del Concurso del Festival de Cine Arqueológico de Zamora (2016):

      Documentary Films

·Murtosa (European Museum Awards)

·Entre Valles y Ríos – Ruta del Romànico


Document of presentation (pdf)   PORTFOLIO2017