The tradition of dissemination and didactics developed by Global CHM, joins the experience and high quality in the field of the musealization of “eon-glorybox”, through the collaboration agreement carried out for the Iberian Peninsula.

· Conservation, Restoration and Consolidation of objects and remains
Archaeological, field and cabinet.

· Restoration of Artistic and Museum Objects

· Reconstruction and replication of Archaeological and
Prehistoric for exhibition and dissemination.

· Coordination and elaboration of Archeology Workshops,
Activities and Didactic Cases of historical and prehistoric periods
For public in formation or school.

· Management, Dissemination, Assembly and Exhibition in the field of Heritage

Some cases of success (Selection) ¹:

· Museum of Terrassa: Homo Faber (collaboration area of ​​prehistory).

· Museum of Archeology of Catalonia: ÖTZI. The gel method (collaboration).
Barcelona – La-mummy-del-gel.

· Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya: Homo Faber (collaboration area of ​​prehistory).


· Castell de Falset Museu Comarcal.  Listen to the sound of the rooms:

· Museo Municipal de Algeciras

·Museo de los Descubrimientos de Belmonte

·Museo Municipal de Pinhel

·Museo de la Seda y del Território de Freixo de Espada à Cinta

·Museo del Fuego y de la Resina, en Vila de Rei

·Museo José Manuel Soares

Film finalista del Concurso del Festival de Cine Arqueológico de Zamora (2016):


·Murtosa (European Museum Awards)

·Entre Valles y Ríos – Ruta del Romànico

1) All the references of the links to the web lead to the promotional and presentation videos of the different works. Here only a selection of those most relevant works, already finished and open to the public, is presented.

Presentation document (pdf) PORTFOLIO2017